Gravity Adventures - Sea Kayaking operator in Cape Town and the West Coast National Park.

Most of us don’t spend time out on the ocean which is strange when you consider that 71% of the earth is covered by it. It’s a completely different world out there-powerful and affecting- the sea heaves and sways, your kayak cuts through the glistening water like a knife, sea birds wheel overhead while curious sea creatures like seals and dolphins swim around you. From your kayak, you are afforded an unusual and stunning perspective of the retreating landmass.

Gravity Adventures range of sea kayaking tours will get you out into this salty environment safely and facilitate an experience that is fun, exciting and remarkable.

In Cape Town we offer micro-adventures with our Gravity Adventures Mobi Kayak Trails. It’s a mobile sea kayaking operation that allows us to move around the Cape Peninsula and choose the best route for that day’s weather conditions as well as our client’s preferences and level of kayaking experience. We use super stable and comfortable 2-person kayaks that are easy to paddle and have ample storage space. Our Mobi-Kayak Trails are 2-hour mini-adventures that take in the most scenic and interesting parts of the Cape Coast. Consider doing Table Bay at sunrise or sunset and appreciate the magnitude of Table Mountain and the beauty of the Atlantic Seaboard or a False Bay paddle with penguins and a chance to see whales up close. Our kayak adventure along the dramatic coastline below Chapmans Peak is also a favourite.

Gravity Adventures currently has sole rights to operate in the West Coast National Park. The park’s central feature is the mesmerizing Langebaan Lagoon. We offer 2-4 hour, as well as overnight, kayaking trips on this tranquil, turquoise body of water and are confident it will be the highlight of your trip up the West Coast.

Gravity Adventures is an extension of our lifestyle and one of the activities owners Andrew and Marie-Louise Kellet love to do most, is self-supported multi-day kayaking trips where they explore remote coastlines This is free movement in nature at its best and an antidote to COVID blues. Our unique Cape Columbine adventure explores a 30-kilometer stretch of rugged West Coast, overnighting on a pristine beach and paddling in the open ocean. This adventure is for the more experienced kayaker. You can build yourself up to this experience on our less challenging kayaking outings.

Come and explore the Cape on a kayak with Gravity Adventures. Our deep knowledge of every aspect of the great outdoors and operating in it will afford you a premier experience.

APA Sea Kayak Assocation