APA Sea Kayak Association

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The APA Sea Kayak Association in South Africa.

Our Vision and Values
Together we build an industry, affordable and accessible, but with world-class standards

Increase the standard but lower the cost
(It is important to balance between high standards but affordable cost, we operate in a third world economy not a first world economy, so we need to be creative in increasing our standard and skill level but always keep it affordable)

1. Keep the main thing the main thing (Let’s not get distracted, let’s keep our mission the main focus)
2. Be part to give not only to receive (Look where you can add value to the industry)
3. Better together (Collaboration is key to our success)
4. Celebrate innovation (Let us take the lead and not just copy and paste)
5. Bring the solutions, not just the problems (Don’t point to all the potholes in the road, get a bucket and fix them)

APA Sea Kayak Guide Code of Conduct and Ethics
As an Adventure Guide, I understand that I have a duty of care to the participants on my trip and to the environment that we travel in. I agree to the following:

1. I will adhere to and uphold the APA Sea Kayak Code of Safety at all times
2. I will always place the well-being of the participants on my trip first
3. I will strive to be respectful and kind whenever possible and to actively avoid all forms of discrimination and disrespect
4. I will follow the Leave No Trace principles, adjusted as necessary for the SOP of the trip I am running
5. I will respect all wildlife and take care not to disturb it
6. I will respect property boundaries, landowner rights, and community rights and will always seek access permission, where this is required
7. I will take care to treat fellow guides and other operators with respect and in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.