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SATSA Adventure Chapter.

Following almost a decade of work on developing the Adventure Tourism Industry in South Africa, SATSA established its dedicated Adventure Chapter in 2020.

The chapter aims to provide vital support and a unified voice for the adventure industry. Disseminating clear, concise, and up-to-date information, lobbying government, developing adventure codes of good practice and standards, engaging all stakeholders in the sharing of ideas and insights as well as the development of training material, are just some of SATSA Adventure Chapter mandates.

SATSA’s Adventure Chapter attracts many of the top tourism outfits in South Africa and is an endorsement of good business practice giving credibility to your operation. It boasts 229 adventure members, based across South Africa and spanning the value chain of tourism products and services from Tour Operators to Activity Providers. This includes 525 vehicles, 56 Aircraft, 110 boats, and 3231 rooms.

Its strict code of conduct provides recourse and monitoring of service standards. Adventure members must satisfy various criteria and undergo yearly checks on company documentation and compliance with other requirements that prove the highest standard of professionalism and service. This means that the SATSA Adventure logo acts as a stamp of approval and assures local and international buyers of the quality of your adventure products.

SATSA Adventure Chapter’s deep understanding of tourism as well as its extensive network across the entire industry puts it in a position to negotiate services uniquely suited to your specific enterprise. A good example of this is the many fit-for-purpose insurance products that SATSA recommends, and the variety of special rates offered to SATSA members.

There are multiple ways that SATSA adds value to your operation. Training, crisis management, and research are all important aspects of your business that membership of the SATSA Adventure Chapter will support. Various exciting marketing platforms are also on offer from networking opportunities to valuable conferences.

Regardless of whether yours is a micro-enterprise, a small business, or a massive business in the adventure tourism sector, navigating the industry is so much less daunting with SATSA membership.