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Wilderness Trails Northern Kruger Park

Wilderness trails in the nothern Kruger National Park, South Africa.

This pure wilderness experience involves trekking through some of the finest and most remote wilderness regions of southern Africa on foot. The course challenges personal boundaries as participants sleep under the stars in the open wilderness and travel light with minimal supplies. It provides a perfect opportunity for aspiring or qualified guides and nature enthusiasts to discover and reconnect with meaningful wilderness encounters. This immersive nature experience can be a pivotal moment in the lives and careers of those passionate about nature and conservation.

There are no formal subjects or lectures; instead, the course emphasizes meaningful wilderness philosophy, low-impact guiding skills, and bush lore. Adventures are led by some of the most experienced trainers and guides in Africa, with stunning venues available within the Makuleke Concession, Kruger National Park (KNP).

What to expect during overnight stops:
Learn how to make an eco-friendly fire.
Learn to guide in the bush while leaving little or no evidence of your presence.
Understand the principle of “minimization is maximization.”
Appreciate the importance of wilderness.
Participate in night watch.
Plan for and collect water replenishment.
Master the concept of ‘Time’.
Facilitate a wilderness experience through the “Sounds of Silence.”

Day 1
Meet your guide at Pafuri Gate in Kruger National Park at 1:00 PM. Leave your vehicle at the car park and begin the wilderness trails, walking ancient paths of elephants and buffalo. Learn pathfinding skills and spend the night camping out in the bush.

Day 2-3
Embark on a foot journey through the northern Kruger Park, exploring the cultural, practical, and medicinal aspects of Makuleke’s diverse flora. Delve into birding, becoming a “Twitcher” by the trail’s end, and experience an overnight stay in the wilderness.

During the final walk, immerse yourself in nature’s boundless creativity, engaging all your senses. Learn the art of reading the wilderness like a book and sharpen your powers of observation. Explore the rich cultural history of Makuleke and the Ivory Trail before departing from Pafuri Gate in Kruger National Park.