Wild Five Adventures - Abseiling operator at Oribi Gorge, South Coast.

Your one-stop adventure hot spot! 5 Wild adventures (and a few more!) operating in one magnificent natural coliseum- the Oribi Gorge. Abseiling, believe it or not, is one of Wild Five’s least demanding adventures. Demanding in the sense of the amount of courage you’ll need to participate. But don’t be fooled, stepping back into the abyss of the Oribi Gorge still requires commitment and bravery. Wild Five’s excellent adventure guides will make sure you’re ready to take the ‘plunge’. They’ll give clear instructions and monitor every inch of your descent.

Abseiling is an exhilarating way to experience the incredible beauty of KwaZulu Natal’s Oribi Gorge. You’ll descend the cataract parallel to Lehrs Fall- a 170-meter waterfall. The first 45-meters you’ll have the relatively reassuring presence of the sandstone cliff to push your feet into. After that, the cliff drops away, and you’ll be hanging loose and free to look around and enjoy the scenery; the emerald forests below you, the sparkling cascade of water, and the spectacular cliff walls towering above you.  You control your own pace, and we encourage you to halt your descent and hang out in space for a few minutes, taking some time to absorb Oribi Gorge’s tranquil atmosphere.

Wild Five’s range of award-winning but affordable adventures offers outdoor experiences suitable for everyone, from hardcore adrenalin seekers to family-friendly excursions. Wild Five and all it offers is best experienced over a full day and even better, a couple of days.