Wild Five Adventures - Zip Line operator at Oribi Gorge, South Coast.

Wild Five Adventures at Oribi Gorge offers an experience for every level of daring. For those who want to push themselves to the edge of scare-discomfort, there’s the Gorge Swing. For those who want a little wildness, but in a slightly more controlled way, there’s ziplining. The Wild Slide is a great warmup for the Gorge Swing if you think it wise to condition your brain and body for the big leap. A kind of aversion therapy. Wild Five’s adventures are affordable so participating in a few activities during your visit is doable.

Wild Five’s Wild Slide offers stunning views of Oribi Gorge, a geological wonder carved out by the Umzimkulu River, and the endless green hills rolling into the distance. Whizzing over the 300-meter chasm, you’ll pass the magnificent Lehrs Waterfall, look down at the green canopy of forest 165-meters below and enjoy your solitary ride across space, comfy and safe in your harness. Ziplining doesn’t require you to do anything except enjoy the ride, so should you lose your presence of mind mid-flight, that’s just fine. Our relaxed but safety-conscious guides will take care of everything.

Wild Five Adventures cater to absolutely everyone; young, old, fit, or unfit, with a range of extraordinary activities that showcase this spectacular part of KwaZulu Natal. Come and tick off all your bucket list activities in one gorgeous place.