Venture Forth International - Mountaineering in Cape Town.

Cape Town’s Table Mountain is a mountaineering playground.

Enjoy a half-day or full-day adventurous hike on the beautiful footpaths and scramble routes on Table Mountain. On scramble routes you need to use your hands to hold on to the rock and you may have to cross difficult and exposed terrain. Mountain guides lead the way and offer a safe and secure hand to help you through. This is a great way to explore lesser-known areas away from main tourist routes.

Full-day excursions on classic mountaineering routes on Table Mountain are more challenging. These include a mixture of easy rock climbing, rock scrambling and hiking. If you are looking for more, join a group with an experienced guide to take you into the Western Cape mountains. Try routes that visit regional high points and points of prominence.

Although the Western Cape’s mountains are not the Himalayas, they are large and imposing, dramatic and scenic. Perfect for mountaineering adventures.