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Our commitment to safety and excitement sets us apart as your trusted partner in thrilling experiences.

Whether you’re bungee jumping, rock climbing, or engaging in extreme sports, SATSA ensures your well-being is our top priority. SATSA, in proud partnership with Wesgro, developed 101 Adventures Southern Africa and have set in place rigorous credibility criteria for adventure members. This includes business governance, international best practices, safety protocols, experienced guides, and comprehensive risk management strategies. You can fully immerse yourself in the adventure with confidence.

Let 101 Adventures Southern Africa be your companion on the journey to unforgettable memories, where every moment is filled with excitement,adrenaline, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in safe hands.

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Embrace the thrill of safe adventure activities by using any of the SATSA and 101 Adventures’ accredited products listed here.

Our members offer an unparalleled variety of adventure activities, making Southern Africa an absolute must-visit destination for thrill-seekers.

From breathtaking hikes along the iconic Table Mountain and heart-pounding shark cage diving in the vibrant waters of Gansbaai to epic safaris in the stunning Kruger National Park, the region is a playground for adventure enthusiasts.