Untouched Adventures - Sea Kayaking operator in Tsitsikamma.

Untouched Adventures operates in the exquisite Tsitsikamma National Park and provides the opportunity for those who love wild places to sea kayak in Africa’s oldest marine protected area.

This is an adventure that will suit the intrepid but is also safe enough for those with no previous kayaking experience. The coastline here is known for its rugged beauty especially around the Storms River Gorge and this is where our adventures embark. Safety is our top priority, and with the ocean being bold on this east coast, sea kayaking is only offered when conditions are perfect.

Our trips include paddling into the Storm River Gorge which can be done even when the sea is rough- the starting point is changed depending on conditions. As the magnificent gorge narrows, you transfer to specially designed lilos to make navigation easier. Eventually, when you are deep in the mysterious world of the gorge, there is an opportunity to explore deeper on foot. Our expert adventure guides will help you through each transition, giving you advice and sharing knowledge about the fascinating eco-systems that you pass through.

APA Sea Kayak Association