K3 SA Forest Adventures in Caledon.

K3 Caledon Zipline is a joint venture between two of South Africa’s top zipline operators Mossel Bay Zipline and SA Forest Adventures.

Both run successful zipline adventures in key tourist zones and remarkable environments including a zipline cable that runs across part of the ocean. Having already achieved a zipline record (longest over-the-ocean ride) they are set to achieve a second with K3 Caledon Zipline- the world’s longest zipline. With their ambitious adventure vision and a team of civil engineers, it won’t be long before more zipline records are achieved and a second phase 5-kilometer line is already on the cards.

The little Overberg town of Caledon, just 100-kilometers East of Cape Town, is host-village to this new adventure. Caledon is on the N2 so it’s easy to get to and has many other attractions which mean coming out to do the K3 Caledon Zipline can be turned into a fun weekend.

The K3 zipline runs for 3-kilometers from the top of a peak in the Caledon Mountains down to the fields of farmlands down below. Panoramic views of the whole Overberg region, its rolling wheat-green and canola-yellow hills and distant mountains, can be seen as riders’ whizz down the 500-meter descent. Experienced activity guides from K3 Caledon Ziplines’ other ventures will ensure safety and facilitate this world-class tourist product seamlessly. Over time K3 Caledon Zipline will also train up locals so that the venture brings desperately needed jobs to the region. 

With great accommodation and conferencing facilities available in Caledon, K3 zipline and other activities provided by this operator offer a unique team-building opportunity.