Mossel Bay Zipline Adventures - Zip Line operator in Mossel Bay, South Africa. A must-do activity on the Garden Route.

Imagine soaring over coastal cliffs then flying, faster and faster, towards the rolling ocean. Mossel Bay Zipline is a fresh gutsy new adrenalin activity that is ramping up the adventure scene in Mossel Bay. Now you have the chance to share in the daily aerial experience of gannets and gulls. Unlike these seabirds, you won’t be hunting for fish, but you’ll be on the lookout for seals, sharks, and the odd rogue wave that might send an arc of salty sea spray into your face as you whizz safely over the top of it.

It is the longest over-the-ocean zipline in the world where you can reach speeds of up to 90km per hour. These stats might get your heart rate going, but be assured, at Mossel Bay Zipline safety always comes first. Our friendly professional adventure guides will immediately put you at ease. If, departing the launch deck alone is too much for you, you have the option to ride in tandem with a guide.

It is a wild and wonderful activity. Staring down the 1.1km zip line and seeing it disappear into the ocean mist then lifting your feet up off their stable world, is a moment to savor for any adventurer.