Eden Adventures - Cliff Jumping
Eden Adventures - Cliff Jumping operator in Wilderness, Garden Route
Eden Adventures - Cliff Jumping company in Wilderness
Eden Adventures offers Cliff Jumping trips in Wilderness, South Africa
Eden Adventures offers Cliff Jumping and kloofing trips in Wilderness

Eden Adventures - Cliff Jumping operator in Wilderness, Garden Route.

Wilderness is surrounded by an adventure lover’s dream topography. Pristine nature abounds in the form of stunning beaches, tranquil lagoons and lakes and deep and dramatic river-cut gorges that are just made for exploring! Eden Adventures will guide you into these places in a fun and safe way. We follow a river on its wandering way through deep cliff sided ravines, over waterfalls and through verdant indigenous forest where exotic looking birds and forest animals can sometimes be spotted.

Leaping from cliffs into the tannin coloured waters of this river system is the highlight of the day for the thrill seeker. Jumps up to 12 meters can be done along the way, but there’s no pressure. You can start with a 1-meter jump and slowly get braver. Cliff jumping is completely safe if done under supervision of qualified people who know the territory. There are also subtle jumping techniques that our Eden Adventure guides will teach you so that you impact the water gently.

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