While the King Swing is not for everyone, who could possibly resist a zipline ride through treetops?

Situated in the Drakensberg, All Out Adventure’s zipline begins from a treetop suspension bridge that is reached by climbing up a 21-metre high spiral staircase. Your ride begins with a 175-metre cable slide from the suspension bridge to a treetop platform. A second 125-metre slide returns you to the Adventure Centre. There is no need to grip the cable to slow down on this ride; a guide-operated breaking system ensures a smooth and safe landing on the platform. Guides also check that your harness is secure and is safely clipped into the system at all times.

Ziplines offer a healthy dose of adrenalin and, at the same time, is also an enjoyable family-friendly experience.

Wear shorts or long pants with sports trainers or hiking boots that are suitable for walking.