All Out Adventures - Paintball

Bring friends along for a game of paintball in All Out Adventures’ dramatic, forested arena in the Drakensberg.

Your objective is to capture the flag at the centre of the arena (and to shoot your opposition in the other team!).

Paintball is superb fun, especially when played with friends. But, it is not for the faint-hearted. Protective overalls and masks are provided but be aware that being shot by a paintball can be painful. Use the natural and man-made barriers in the arena to hide behind and work with your teammates to watch each other’s backs. Games end when everyone’s paintballs are finished. Play is limited to a maximum of one hour.

Although paintball is not recommended for children under 10, there is an option available for them too: Paintball Target. Armed with 100 paintballs, participants shoot at targets set up in the purpose-built Paintball Target Range.

Wear shorts or long pants with sports trainers or hiking boots that are suitable for running.