Sun City Waterworld - Jet Skiing

Sun City Waterworld - Jet Skiing adventure.

Sun City is close to Johanneburg and Pretoria in the North West Province of South Africa.

The fun never stops at Sun City Waterworld. Just about every water sport invented is available for adventurous guests to try out here on our picturesque man-made lake. Jet skiing must be one of the most popular water sports of our time. Jet skis have always had a kind of glamour and glitz associated with them; the playboy’s holiday happy place. But even though they look fast and furious, they’re actually quite safe, highly manoeuvrable and easy to master and anyone who’s comfortable around water can give it a go.

Safety is number one at Sun City Waterworld, so our friendly attentive guides will gauge your experience and capabilities. If you’re a beginner, they’ll give you a comprehensive briefing on how to use the jet skis and get you zooming across the lake in no time. Those who have experience on jet skis can roar off, leaving an arc of spray behind them, into the proverbial sunset!

We also offer boat trips, parasailing and a Jetovater experience.