Sun City Waterworld - Waterskiing

Sun City Waterworld - Waterskiing lessons for beginners and advanced.

Waterskiing might be an old favourite but it is still growing as a recreational sport.  It’s very popular in South Africa where we have lots of water in the form of dams, lakes and sea but very little snow. Our lake at Sun City Waterworld is the ideal place for water skiing.

Sun City Waterworld’s team can provide comprehensive lessons for beginners and after time on land, the instructor will accompany you into the water. Although this water sport takes a bit longer to master than some of the activities available, it’s tremendously satisfying when you finally stand up and skim along the water. And super exciting as you start to relax and begin to venture out towards the more turbulent waters of the wake! This is an activity for the whole family. Children will often surprise adults with their natural ability. Water skiing also burns massive calories and is a great full body workout.

We also offer: parasailing, boat trips and jet skiing.