Sun City Waterworld - Wakeboarding

Sun City Waterworld - Wakeboarding.

Come and learn to really play in the water with your family and friends at Sun City’s wonderful Waterworld; dreamscape for those who love fun in water under the sun.

Sun City Waterworld now offers the latest water sports craze - wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is fast and cool! It’s similar to snowboarding, but on water. Like waterskiing, if you’ve never had any previous experience on a board, it will require a little effort and focus to get going but will be worth every wobble back into the water. The learning curve itself will be exciting; as the motorboat growls into action and you feel that first firm tug on the tow rope the anticipation will be intense. Stick with it and you’ll be performing manoeuvres on the crest of the wake in record time.