Eden Adventures - Canyoning Trips in Wilderness, Garden Route.

Looking for an adventure that combines exhilarating physical activity with sightseeing of special hidden places near Wilderness?  Eden Adventures canyoning offering is a half day trip that takes you into unique forest and river habitats where the natural beauty of the Wilderness area can be truly appreciated.

Our qualified adventure guides, who are all super comfortable in these unusual terrains, will lead you on this hiking, abseiling, swimming, boulder hopping and cliff jumping extravaganza. You’ll make your way on foot through thick indigenous forests, keeping an eye out for bush pig and bush buck and then do an exciting drop into the gorge we’re going to explore, navigating narrow passageways, pools, waterfalls and natural slippery slides.

Eden Adventures has strict safety protocols and provides all canyoning gear like wetsuits and helmets. Our guides coach and encourage clients so they can get the best out of this experience.