We offer an exciting, fun-filled journey; climbing, swinging and sliding high above the Valley of Waves, Sun City.

Anyone wanting to challenge themselves and their abilities will find a rope adventure to suit them. There are a number of different courses (or journeys) and each one requires a specific approach and set of skills. Certainly not just an activity for children, this is an excellent developmental tool for both young and old alike, suitable for individuals, families and groups.

The park consists of 38 treetop-high crossings and obstacles, including 9 zip lines, hanging spider nets and jungle rope bridges. Each rope adventure takes you on an aerial course around and across the Valley of Waves, ending with an exhilarating zip line over the wave pool.

You are completely safe throughout your journey. First you are fitted with a harness and helmet and then attached to a continuous rope above your head. This means that, as you go from element to element, you are always connected to the rope by a safety line. Trained and friendly guides are available constantly to check that everyone is happy and feeling safe. They will check your gear and will explain how the journeys work.

Each journey takes approximately 45 minutes and departs from the Valley of the Waves at Sun City in the North West. Wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes (or go barefoot) and remember the sunscreen. You need to be reasonably fit, but if you can run up a flight of stairs, you should be fine.

No skills or qualifications are necessary, just a sense of adventure!