Cape Canopy Tour - Aerial Cable Trail operator near Cape Town.

Even with accolades like “2nd best experience in Africa” and “ 2nd Best experience in the World” Cape Canopy Tours continues to strive to provide a top-quality experience while at the same time upholding our values of minimal impact on the environment and maximum impact on upliftment of local communities.

Our zipline experience takes you an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Cape Town and into the wild and pristine realm of the Cape Fold Mountains. A partnership with Cape Nature allows us privileged access to this beautiful place.

Our spectacular zip line course, designed and built by civil engineers, zigzags over a deep rocky ravine. Your feet will dangle above plunging waterfalls, indigenous forests, and mountain pools as you whizz from platform to platform. Facing your fears with this stunning setting to distract you and in the company of Cape Canopy Tour’s highly qualified and companionable adventure guides will be a breeze!