Tapimanzi Adventures - Fishing Trips on the Vaal River, Gauteng.

An unusual team building, bachelors or special occasion idea - a fishing safari with Tapimanzi. You don’t have to be a seasoned fisherman to enjoy this sport. Drift down the picturesque upper Vaal River in comfortable inflatable rafts, and even negotiate some small but exciting rapids. Hosted by expert fishing guides you’ll soon experience for yourself why this water sport becomes such an enduring passion for so many people.

Although many people see fishing as a solo pursuit it is actually a great group activity. If you work together to master the different fishing techniques like lure, fly or bait fishing you’ll be the first team to catch a carp, yellow fish, bass or barbel and experience the incredible satisfaction of holding its shining slippery body in your hands. After your fishing adventure there will be many tall stories being told, so don’t forget to get accurate weights and measurements of your catch!

Tapimanzi will provide all equipment and facilitate thorough safety briefings.