Skydive Cape Town - Skydiving company in Cape Town, South Africa offering tandem jumps and courses.

Flying has captured the human imagination for aeons. The adventure industry is brimming with experiences that get you airborne; zip-lining, abseiling, bungee jumping, bridge swinging and paragliding. Gradually the experiences increase in intensity. At the apex of aerial adventures, you’ll find skydiving. Skydive Cape Town, in operation for over 20-years, is the closest skydiving outfit to the tourist hot spot of Cape Town. The drop zone is a lovely 35-minute drive up the west coast. A tandem skydive is your shortcut into this incredible sport and our highly experienced internationally accredited tandem masters are the key.

Skydiving not only ticks a top-of-the-bucket-list item, the scenic flight you’ll enjoy as you head to the drop zone is a wonderful fringe benefit of the jump.  After a short briefing our small aircraft will zip you up into the sky and as you ascend the magnificent panorama of the Cape Peninsula, looking like a tiny topographical 3-D map, begins to unfold. 100’s kilometres of white-wave edged west coast comes into view. Then iconic Table Mountain and Lions Head with the mother city nestling below them. The curving bay that gives Cape Town its relatively sheltered harbour with famous Robben Island looking lonely out in the Atlantic Ocean is all visible. In one great sweep, you’ll see the expansive southern views across False Bay and down to Cape Point as well as north up as far as the sparkling Langebaan lagoon- one of the world’s best kiteboarding destinations.

This spectacular view will soon be tilting wildly as you freefall (attached safely to your tandem master) for 30-seconds at speeds over 120-kilometres an hour. These are moments of crazy exhilaration; the noise and pummel of rushing air, your brain trying to orientate you. Then the jolt as the parachute opens and the incredible contrasting quiet and peace of the descent.

Skydive Cape Town is affiliated with all the relevant bodies.  Equipment is imported from one of the most reputable tandem equipment manufacturers in the USA and maintained to the highest standard.