Simon's Town Boat Company - Seal Viewing Trips

Simon’s Town Boat Company - Seal Viewing Trips in Simon’s Town, Cape Town.

We operate in one of the most beautiful marine settings in the world, but our first-class boat trips don’t just rely on this good fortune. Every aspect of our excursion has been carefully considered. Our custom designed boats offer superior comfort and safety and insightful and engaging interpretive commentary by our experienced guides provides a world-class experience.

The Simonstown Boat Company’s Seal Island Eco Cruise gives you the opportunity to observe Cape fur seals at close range. These chocolate brown mammals have slowly been making a comeback after being decimated by sealing in the 1800’s. There are now over 75 000 of them living on the rocky granite outcrop of Seal Island in False Bay. Sleek but blubbery, playful and curious in the water but cautious and occasionally aggressive on land, these are fascinating creatures to spend time with.

Although the Cape Fur seal is the star of this boat trip, the stunning views- the back of Table Mountain, the expansive Hottentots Holland range, the distinctive shape of Cape Point- make an impressive backdrop for this special wildlife viewing experience and will vie for attention.