Shoreline of the San Hiking Trail - Slackpacking

Groups meet their qualified tourist guide, owner of the hike and solo adventurer Anette Grobler at the lovely Elandsbay Hotel, West Coast. Here she will brief you on your entire trip and then accompany you to the Elandsbay cave before sunset to meet the well known antropologist, writer and emeritus Professor Parkington at the cave. Here he will introduced the group to the San or Bushman as many of the San people still demand to be called, their culture, beliefs customs and rituals. Prof Parkington speaks to hikers about the history of the San people, how and where they mainly lived and discuss some of the rock paintings still visible in the cave.  This sets the tone for the rest of the hike, namely a west coast experience and something that far exceeds just a normal hike. Tonight the group will all sleep in the Hotel and have a lovely dinner. No additional charge for the evening before your actual departure.

Saturday morning we depart from the hotel after a scrumptious buffet breakfast. We walk for 17 km today and have lots of stopes en route. This 17 km will take us about 5 hours to complete and all the hike dates are planned around low tides, so, the going is easy to moderate for the entire day.  You will be handed a food pack for lunch and you will be expected to curry your own water for the duration of the day.  We arrive at Steenbokfontein at about two in the afternoon and depending on the size of the group, either sleep here or move to Lambertsbay by bus. Tonight we eat at Tanie Kitta’s Plaaskombuis, a farm kitchen that she has run for many years. Not only will you be entertained by her stories and by the history of the area, you will be served the most amazing Traditional South African dishes prepared by only her and two other ladies from the farm.

Sunday morning. We depart at low tide and walk only 8 km to Lamberts Bay. It is once again a beach walk but we stop at the Muisbosskerm en route and have some coffee. The hike today only takes us about two hours in total and then we are welcomed at the best accommodation in Lambertsbay namely Eagles nest. You will be stunned by the views and the opulence this venue offers. Tonight we eat at the well-known Muisbosskerm, an open air restaurant on the beach. Here you will be treated with a variety of fish dishes, mussels, fresh bead, lamb, stews and crayfish for those who are willing to pay extra.

Monday morning: After an early breakfast we depart towards a place called Deursprong some 12 km from our point of departure. Deursprong is a private reserve and we need special permission to enter the property. From here we will be collected and taken to Doornbaai by car. Once we arrive at Doornbay we will visit the Fryers Cove for a wine tasting and the best early supper, late lunch imaginable. Once again this restaurant is situated on the sea and friendly staff and tasty meals will make you want to go back. Tonight is our last evening and we all sit around a fire and chat about the trip and our highlights for this walk.

Tuesday: After a proper breakfast you will have about 10 km to walk some of it off to the small town of Strandfontein. The hike today is completely different to the previous three days in terms of terrain and you will find yourself climbing up and down on a harder surface still hugging the coastline all the way to Strandfontein.

This slack packing experience offers you
• The best accommodation the west coast has on offer
• The best meals the west cost has on offer
• A Wealth of information from locals and academics
• Access to places and locals you would not have had if you wanted to do this by yourself
• A qualified tourist guide that will walk with you all the way
• An affordable, well planned hike with a difference, a West Coast experience that will leave you wanting to return with friends and family!
• Promotional items that you can use on other hikes too

What to bring: Hikers and riders must bring their own hiking gear, day backpack, hiking pole, water bottles, and boots. The rest will all be provided.
Depending on the time of year, it is always moderate with a bit of wind on the coastline, it is never hot!  You will be allowed a bag or suitcase and one other item that will be transported from hotel to hotel or guest house. You are welcome to bring your own drinks or extra snacks.