Not only does this unexplored coastline offer pristine beaches, undiscovered coves, caves and even a labyrinth, it also offers hikers the very unique opportunity to discover and walk in the footprints of the San and later KhoiKhoi people of South Africa – dating back as far as 30 000 years.

The Shoreline of the San hiking trail is sandwiched between the Berg- and Olifants rivers and starts at the little town of
Elands Bay some 90 minute’s drive from Cape Town.

This 50km trail, with sleepovers in Elands Bay, Lamberts Bay and Doringbaai, before ending in Strandfontein, meanders through an untouched rocky and mostly sandy coastline. Hikers will have the opportunity to trek where only a select few have every hiked before. With special permission and access to private property, we are able to offer you the untamed beauty of the West Coast whilst having peace of mind that help is close by should we need access to a vehicle.

Most of the historical sites of the San and Khoi are situated on private property and include caves, middens, bushman
paintings and a variety of archeological sites.

A “slack-packing” all-inclusive adventure where you focus on the experience, and everything else is provided, from meals
to very comfortable guest house accommodation in the quaintest of West Coast settings!

What is provided
Transport-shuttle between places
All accommodation
All meals including Restaurant and Hotel meals

What is not provided
Any cool drinks or alcoholic beverages
Your own snacks en route

You must bring
A small backpack (25 or 35 litre)
Hiking clothes
Something warm and rain proof jacket
Normal running/ hiking shoes
Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
Pesonal and medical items

Day 1
We meet at Vensterklip, 5km from Elands Bay from where we depart on our journey the next morning. A journey indeed, as you are about to experience so much more than just hiking. Check-in time at your pre-booked accommodation is from 16h00 where we will meet fellow hikers between 16h00 and 17h00.

To get to Elands Bay you have a choice of options;
Drive to Elands Bay, leave your own vehicle at the starting point and use our shuttle service to bring you back from Strandfontein.
Take the Silent Steps shuttle from Cape Town International Airport to Elands Bay – R1000 per person.
Fly to Cape Town International Airport and make use of our shuttle service to fetch you from the airport and bring you to Elands Bay – R1000 per person.

On the afternoon of day one, hikers meet the tour guide, logistical manager and driver, as well as a site guide for the first part of the trip. A short briefing on the history, rituals, beliefs and habits of the San, environmental awareness and fauna and flora will follow.

Day 2 - Elands Bay to Steenbokfontein (17km)
We depart from Elands Bay at 07:00 (depending on the tide) and by this time you would have had rusks and coffee as well as a scrumptious breakfast at Vensterklip (once again depending on the tide.) After arriving at Steenbokfontein situated behind one of the San middens, we will check into our accommodation at Lamberts Bay, have a warm shower and sit down for a delicious home made
lunch at Eagles Nest, our accommodation right on the beach.

After lunch hikers can visit Bird Island (optional) or enjoy the afternoon reading or even taking a nap. The popular Isabellas Restaurant in Lamberts Bay is our Restaurant of choice for the evening. Here hikers have a choice of several dishes ranging from chicken schnitzel to a seafood platter for one. Isabella’s also caters for vegans, vegetarians or pescatarians.

Day 3 - Steenbokfontein to Lambertsbay (11km)
We start the hike maneuvering the tides (this stretch could be challenging due to walking in thick sand at high tide)and finish at Lamberts Bay no later than 11h00. We have a quick shower and depart for the very popular Muisbosskerm Open Air Restaurant. Here we spend most of the afternoon enjoying over 25 different dishes ranging from fresh fish to a variety of poitjiekos. We end off our meal with the best koeksisters and coffee in town!

Because everyone traditionally overindulge at the Muisbosskerm, we only serve a light supper tonight at Eagles Nest

Day 4 - Lamberts bay to Doorspring (12km)
Today we will most probably not see another human being en route for the entire day. We depart from Lamberts Bay early, again depending on the tide. After coffee and rusks we leave with a packed breakfast to enjoy along the way. This section is a beautiful stretch of deserted coastline that only a handful of people has ever walked. We hike through private property and this section offers white beaches as far as the eye can see.

Once we arrive at Doorspring, hikers are shuttled by the logistics team to the unique Fryer’s Cove cellar in Doringbaai harbour. After a well deserved lunch and good local wines we settle into our accommodation for the final night. Doringbaai (directly translated to Thorn Bay) has a rich history and is a typical West Coast dorpie (town) with the most interesting people and of
course stories.

Day 5 - Doringbaai to Strandfontein (10km)
After a hearty breakfast, we depart from Doornbaai for the last stretch on the Shoreline of our San hike. Today is a short walk that hugs part of the coast and has been described by numerous hikers as the most beautiful section of the entire hike. Today is not a beach hike, but a hike alongside the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic ocean with a few inclines and declines en route.

We finally meet our logistical team for a mini lunch and celebrations where our journey ends. We say our goodbyes and hikers are shuttled back to the vehicles stationed at Elands Bay and then back home, knowing that we walked in the footsteps of the San.

Where do we stay
Friday: Vensterklip Elands Bay
Saturday: Lamberts Bay Eagles Nest
Sunday: Lamberts Bay Eagles Nest
Monday: Doringbaai - Thorn Bay Accommodation

Hike Rating
Hikers should be fit enough to walk 17km in 4 hours. The hike is rated a 2/5 where 5 is extremely difficult.

All meals will be provided for

**Dog friendly for small dogs**