GS Africa Motorcycle Tours

GS Africa Motorcycle Tours and Harley-Davidson Tours in Cape Town.

Wish to explore Southern Africa’s Hidden Treasures from atop a roaring two-wheeled machine of beauty?  GS Africa, your ONE STOP SHOP, is here to make that happen!

Based in Cape Town, with a presence in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Namibia, we have been offering a full range of services for the past 10 years – GS Africa is the ONLY multi brand motorcycle rental company in Africa -  from the rental of the full range of pristine, low mileage BMW GS’s,  Harley-Davidson Cruisers, Yamaha Scooters, Honda, Triumph etc.  to safe, bespoke and scheduled motorcycle tours to satisfy each and every motorcycle enthusiast.

A complimentary tyre repair puncture kit and access to BMW On Call Road Side Assistance (within the South African borders) are included in your rental. Safe on-site excess luggage storage facility and protective rider gear and extras are available for your choice.

Each motorcycle is fitted with a Satellite Recovery & ER 24 Emergency Medical Assistance device (RIDER DOWN Accident Alert) to be activated upon riders choice.  We have moved into the 21st Century, whereas clients, family, and fellow riders can be assured of the rider’s safety at all times with access to information such as accident alerts, events, and confirming the real-time location, directly on their mobile devices. The built-in Rider Down Accident Alert will be activated in the unlikely event of a collision. ER Emergency Medical Rescue offers an Accident and Emergency Assistance Plan (access to the dedicated staff who will make arrangements for transportation, advice, and care).

We design routes, book accommodation and provide all the necessary infrastructure for a seamless adventure. Riders also have the option of exploring neighboring countries including Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

MAMA AFRICA awaits and welcomes you with OPEN ARMS!