Frixion Adventures - Cliff Jumping

Frixion Adventures - Cliff Jumping near Cape Town.

The sound of rushing water and waterfalls bounces around sandstone cliffs. Fern and mosses hang from cracks in the rocks and beautiful trees and rare fynbos grow from the banks of the stream bed. This is the pristine environment for Frixion’s cliff jumping adventure. You won’t be bumping into any other tour groups on this outing. Frixion has exclusive access to this piece of paradise in the Limietberg Mountain Range, around an hour’s drive from Cape Town.

You’ll work your way up to the bigger jumps and gain confidence and technique as you go. None of the jumps are mandatory, so you can relax and do things at your own mental pace. Frixion’s qualified adventure guides are high-angle specialists who have worked all over the world, but this is their home ground and their knowledge of the area, especially the unique flora, will enhance your trip.