Cape Bike Travel in Cape Town

Cape Bike Travel in Cape Town - Guided Harley-Davidson Tours.

Harley-Davidson Tours

You want to see South Africa from the saddle of a Big Twin motorcycle?
Our Harley-Davidson tours are offered in association with Harley-Davidson Cape Town who have appointed us as their official tour operator. These tours have been designed to be an enjoyable biking experience of a foreign country. Emphasis is obviously on traveling the best roads Harley-Davidson style while still being able to enjoy the sights along the road.
Accommodation is in small guest houses (mostly 4*) typical for the region/ towns that we are visiting to give you a true experience of the many different cultures on offer. If you want to get to know the local Harley community we can arrange custom itineraries to take in one of the many rallies in South Africa. We can also arrange meetings with the HOG Cape Town Chapter, the HOG Tygervalley Chapter and the Harley Davidson Club of Cape Town.

Off Road Tours

Even though South Africa offers first world Infrastructure, here you still have a chance to experience the true wild nature of the African continent. Taking the road less traveled takes you on little gravel paths through some breathtaking scenery that most visitors never have a chance to see.
Our off-road tours have been designed to give you a memorable biking experience and see the lesser known parts of South Africa. Traveling along a variation of gravel paths as well as some tarred roads you will get a great look “behind the scenes” of Southern Africa and experience some challenging riding. Get the chance to see sights that others miss and have a memorable experience that only a dual purpose motorcycle can offer the traveler.

Chauffeured Rides

If you do not have a motorbike license but still want to experience the wind in your hair, we can arrange a group of our experienced chauffeurs to “take you for a ride”. We supply the helmets, motorbikes, riders and fuel.