Buffalo Gorge Trail Running and Mountain Biking series.

Buffalo Gorge is situated near Middelburg in Mpumalanga. We offer trail running and mountain biking as follows:

Trail running - 2.5km, 6.5km. 10km, 18km & 25km
Mountain Biking - 12km, 16km & 25km

Buffalo Gorge Trail Run started in 2015 at Buffalo Gorge Eco Adventure Centre.
It is a must for all trail runners.
It is a monthly event and it caters for all levels of fitness.

A Mountain Bike race was introduced in December 2015 and will now form part of the monthly activities at Buffalo Gorge.

Up to three technical sections at the beginning followed by gravel road, jeep track and single track. If you are lucky you might see some Blesbuck and warthogs.

Discovery Vitality members can earn points by participating.