Addo Cruises and Sand Sledding - Sunset Cruises in Addo.

Join us on a Sunset Cruise on the Sundays River Ferry – a fully equipped, licenced and surveyed double decker river cruiser - on one of South Africa’s most beautiful river estuaries and experience a unique and awesome natural gem at the mouth of the Sundays River.

We are situated near the Addo Elephant National Park and the Alexandria Coastal Dune – one of the largest coastal dune systems in the world.

A 2,5 hour cruise covering a distance of about 20km. Take in the breathtaking views of the natural bush and dune fields on the southern banks of the river. See the quaint villages of Cannonville and Colchester as you witness unbelievable bird and wildlife and some of the most spectacular African sunsets.

Disembark the Ferry at the base of one of the highest dunes in the area and take a reasonably easy guided climb to the summit of the dune to view the most spectacular scenery of the dunes fields, the Sundays River mouth, indigenous bush and the islands in Algoa Bay.