The Best Ziplines in South Africa

Sliding! It’s one of the first ‘adventures’ we participate in. Before we could even really walk properly, we were climbing up playground ladders, our parent’s nervous hands fluttering behind us, so that we could experience this newfound exhilaration of letting go and whizzing down a slide…again and again. No wonder ziplining has taken off around the world linked as it is to these primary happy childhood memories.

Ziplining is an extremely popular activity in South Africa and is well represented at most hubs where visitors gather. South Africa’s wealth of beautiful natural environments has inspired zipline engineers who have created some of the most defying and unusual ziplines in the world. Ziplines included in our Dirty Boots Best List all have some unique or compelling features. Have a look and start getting excited. Some of the incredible zip rides listed here include - a zip line slide that runs continuously for 2-kilometers, a breath-taking zipline across the heaving ocean, and a safari zipline where you slide above the bushveld keeping an eye out for game.

Apart from being a rip-roaring adrenalin pouring ride our Best Ziplines facilitate access into some of the most dramatically scenic areas in South Africa and showcase our natural beauty. The rides will whizz you over waterfalls and plunging gorges, lakes, and oceans. They’ll fly you through forests and above fynbos and below giant mountain peaks.

Some of the best ziplines require you to get your Dirty Boots on and walk for a while into wild and beautiful places. Others take you to the zipline launching platform by 4x4 but many of our ziplines are easily accessible and close to town, (but no less adventurous!)

Our best zip line operators all have great reputations in the Adventure sector, run ship-shape operations that are sensitive to the environment. They also employ fabulous guides who hold all the stringent qualifications necessary for this activity.

1. The Elgin Valley, Overberg
These operators know their adventure stuff! More of an expedition than a quick thrill, this experience takes you into the beautiful fynbos-covered mountains of the Cape. The airy zipline course has been impeccably designed and built by civil engineers with a vision. A must-do experience when in Cape Town.

2. Sun City, North West
This is the big daddy of ziplines. For over 6 years Unreal Zip2000 held the title of longest, highest, fastest. It might have been pipped at the post now but it’s still as fast and furious as you could ask for. In tandem or solo, you can whizz along in one continuous go for 2-kilometers and reach speeds of up to 120-kilometers an hour.

3. Mossel Bay, Garden Route
The longest over-the ocean zipline in the world, Mossel Bay Zip Line is an exciting new addition to the zipline circuit. Experience the world of the albatross as you take off from the ragged sea cliffs and float at speeds up to 90-kilometers an hour above the rolling ocean.

4. Tsitsikamma National Park, Garden Route
The first zip line operation in South Africa and still one of the best. Designed to show off the unique features and ecology of the forest canopy, Stormsriver Adventures zipline takes you on a journey through the history of trees in the Tsitsikamma National Park. As you fly through the forest at around 30-meters high, you’ll get to meet 700-year old Giant Outeniqua Yellowwoods and spot the dazzling reds and greens of birds who thrive in this habitat.

5. Addo, Eastern Cape
Come and play with your buddy on this heart-stopping twin zipline adventure over the Sundays River. Adrenalin Addo’s zip line has an automated braking system so you can fly hands-free and come to an exhilarating stop without a thought. For those who want to up the ante, they also offer a unique zipline experience where you can whizz along in a prone position, headfirst. Don’t forget to bring your superman suit!

6. The KwaZulu-Natal Midlands
Forest, ferns, and maybe fairies! Karkloof Canopy Tours is a zipline that immerses you into the green oxygen exhaling wonderland of a mist belt Podocarpus forest. It is a privilege to spend time flying through this threatened ecosystem with knowledgeable adventure guides sharing their insights and pointing out seldom seen forest creatures like Samango monkeys and Emerald cuckoos.

7. Hazyview, Mpumalanga
Conveniently located near Kruger National Park Skyways zipline moves you through the landscape like a bird, over sparkling streams and forested hills, on cables of varying length located to provide maximum enjoyment of the stunning views. This is the perfect bundle of adventure and discovery. While you’ll be flying at top speed down the zipline, on your platform interludes, you won’t be rushed and will have time to admire the last remaining forested areas along the Sabie River.

8. Magoebaskloof, Limpopo
Another previously inaccessible beauty spot opened for our guests to enjoy in an ecologically sensitive way. The Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours zipline trail in Limpopo takes you on an adventure down the stunning Letaba River Gorge. You’ll be moving faster than the water in the river, soaring over three 20-meter waterfalls and a series of deep crystal-clear mountain pools.

9. Hartbeespoort, Gauteng
Ama Zwing Zwing will be the highlight of a fun family weekend away at Hartbeespoort which is conveniently located around an hour’s drive from Johannesburg or Pretoria. With one swoop (well actually 7!) you can get to experience the beauty and ambiance of this special area, a UNESCO biosphere reserve that includes the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site and the alluring Magaliesberg Mountain Range.

10. Ballito, KwaZulu Natal
Ever wanted to parachute but a little too much time and training involved? Adventure Valley’s zipline tour in Ballito begins with a parachute-like ride down a mountain, a first in South Africa. You’ll be safely attached to a steel cable as you fly down the 400-meter line, but with a parachute billowing out behind you it will be the closest you’ll get to the real thing. The 1.5-kilometer tour is not only for adrenalin seekers, nature lovers will relish the abundant bird life and lush surrounds.

11. Champagne Valley, Drakensberg
Drakensberg Canopy zipline tour is so much more than an adrenalin thrill-ride through trees, it’s an adventure that includes walking along suspended rock-face trails and over swinging bridges. Under the towering peaks of the central Drakensberg you’ll soar like an eagle over the dense emerald green forest canopy, then you’ll be walking through it listening to the sounds of plunging waterfalls and a cacophony of bird song.

12. Oribi Gorge, South Coast
Only a short drive from Durban you will find a place of beauty, tranquillity and adventure. Lake Eland boasts an astounding 4.5-kilometer zipline adventure starting at the top of the magnificent Oribi Gorge and swooping you down the valley in a series of 14 heart racing ziplines. You’ll even get a chance to dip your toes in water as you skim over a lake!