Where can I wakeboard on the south coast of South Africa? The Riverside - Wakeboarding at the Wild Coast Sun.

Wakeboarding is still quite a new sport or foreign name to a lot of people, even though it’s been around since 1985, in a brief description for those that are not familiar with the sport, it’s much like snowboarding or skateboarding but on water and being towed by a boat, some will even compare it to surfing as that’s where the idea originated from by Tony Finn.

Come on around and strap into a set of bindings and come for a Wakeboard on the Mtamvuna river, a 4km round trip will get your adrenaline pumping and all the muscles in your body to have a good workout. Our skippers are experienced drivers and will adjust to the speed that is comfortable for you to ride at. We are also lucky to have professional SA Wakeboarder, Deidre van Niekerk around in case you need a quick tip or would like to go out for a full one on one 20-minute coaching session with her.

Wakeboarding is also a great sport to do with your better half, best friend or for those good and healthy sibling rivalries. We allow one person on the boat whilst the other one is riding, which helps to see what they’re doing wrong or not and how you can outride them once their session is over. Nothing beats some healthy competition amongst one another in a fresh and healthy environment.