Nukakamma Canoe Trail

Nukakamma meaning “grassy water”, is the Khoisan name for Sundays River because of its verdant grassy banks. Nukakamma Canoe Trail is a much sought after two day flat-water trail along the Sundays River, which is situated just off the N2 highway some 40kms from Port Elizabeth (a mere half hour’s drive). The Nukakamma Canoe Trail is the only Green Flag Status Canoe Trail in South Africa.

The journey begins aboard our 4 metre double canoes with a 13km trip along the Sundays River from our premises to your overnight accommodation and a 13km canoe trip back the following day. We can accommodate a maximum of 12 people on a trail at one time and the trails can be extended to 2 nights at an additional cost. For safety reasons we do not allow less than 6 people on the trail at any one time.

The river is on average about 2m deep at high tide except at the mouth where it is much shallower. Depending on weather conditions, the journey can take anything from 2 to 8 hours, according to the tide and the wind.

The accommodation is an overnight two-roomed log cabin with each room containing two, three-tiered wooden bunk-beds, fitted with 100mm thick high-density foam rubber mattresses. The accommodation also offers a huge, covered brick-paved barbecue area known as the Guardian National Boma equipped with two picnic tables, barbeque with smoke canopy, wood, axe, braai utensils, pots, pans, kettles, wash basin etc.

Experience the thrill and excitement of the area with the bird life ranging to approximately 210 recorded species and watching out for Mullet fish actively jumping into or over the canoes. Keep your eyes peeled for Kudu, Bushbuck, Porcupine, Cape Oter, Vervet Monkeys and other wildlife in the bush across the river. Finally, finish your day off by enjoying a barbeque with the view of a spectacular sunset.

Trails on offer:
Trail 1 - Start at our premise and travel 13 km to the overnight accommodation and 13 km back the following day. Total of 26 km’s.
Trail 2 - Start at our premises and head towards the sea and see the beautiful Alexandria dune field for 7 km’s and then head towards the overnight accommodation. Total of 33 km’s.
Trail 3 - If you arrive early at your overnight accommodation and would still like to continue rowing then carry on another 7 km’s to the Barkley Bridge and back another 7 km’s to the the overnight accommodation. Total over 47 km’s.