Nova Hot Air Balloon Safaris

Nova Hot Air Ballooning Safaris in the Garden Route and Little Karoo.

Nova Hot Air Balloons offers hot air balloon flights in the Garden Route & Klein Karoo. Known as the ultimate ‘bucket list’ item, balloon flights in itself is something that every person should experience at least once, although it can be said that once is never enough as you’ll be clamouring for more once it’s all over.

The flight ticket itself offers a fully inclusive flight, champagne upon landing and full breakfast experience. The excursion lasts for approximately four hours, with around one-hour flight time. Cameras and not only allowed, but fully encouraged as some of your most incredible shots ever taken will more than likely come from your Hot Air Balloon flight experience.

At the end of the flight, once the ground crew has assisted everyone in disembarking the basket, your pilot will in triumphant celebration of your incredible experience open a bottle of champagne and toast with you on this remarkable day! Sometimes, depending on the day’s arrangements the breakfast table will be set right where you land, allowing you to take in the splendour of the incredible Garden Route or Klein Karoo scenery around you. The pilot himself will always join in on which gives guests the opportunity to ask questions and take photos.

The pilot will also present you with an official NOVA Hot Air Balloons named certificate as proof of your glorious exploits of the day.