Cape Town Freediving

Imagine…with one breath you break the surface of the water and enter a peaceful world of sublime beauty. Cape Town Free Diving will teach you how to take that one important breath, as well as develop the mental skills that will give you the ability to enter Cape Town’s extraordinary coastal waters in the simplest, purest way; free diving.

Cape Town, especially False Bay is a marine biodiversity hotspot (and location of the poignant Oscar winning film My Octopus Teacher) and exploring the amber kelp forests and colourful rock gardens while being observed by playful seals in the unencumbered style of freediving is a powerful experience.

Cape Town Free Diving offers beginner free diving experiences, (where you submerge to about 5-meters), for those who just want to explore in a leisurely but safe way. They also run advanced sports courses that prepare you for the world of competitive freediving where dropping to depths of over 60-meters is not unusual. Those who are serious about a life of freediving can enrol in the Cape Town Free Diving internationally certified instructor course.