Areena Riverside Resort - Paintball.

The Areena River Resort is close enough for day trips from East London, so it is the ideal location for corporate functions, birthday parties and family outings.  A fast-paced, furious and strategic game of paintball is the best way to get the energy and excitement going for any occasion.

Our paintball course is set out in our private nature reserve and is a uniquely beautiful environment with its own natural features to hide behind. Of course, to up the ante, we’ve added some artificial covers and obstacles like wendy houses and drums, and various game scenarios can be chosen like ‘capture the flag’ or ‘defend a territory’.

You can work together in teams, trying to isolate a member of the other team so you can bombard them with paintballs (gel capsules filled with water soluble dyes) or you can play as individuals devising your own strategies for ‘surviving’.