All Out Africa - Malolotja Nature Reserve

All out Africa - Slackpacking and hiking tours in the Malolotja Nature Reserve, Eswatini. (formerly Swaziland)

Malolotja, one of the most impressive mountain parks in Southern Africa, with a variety of flora and fauna is a prime highveld conservation area and truly amazing slackpacking/hiking destination. Wildlife is present in the reserve and there is a good chance to see species such as blesbok, zebra, eland, warthog, grey rhebok, black wildebeest, red hartebeest and baboon especially at higher altitude on the upper slopes of the mountains.  From a geological perspective Malolotja is one of the most fascinating places on earth with some of the oldest geology and fossil records on the planet.  It is a hiking destination well worth exploring.

The slackpacking trails have been carefully designed to cover the core highlights of the reserve so that you get to see and experience the very best of Malolotja.  Slackpacking options are available for 1, 2 or 3 nights and depending on the duration of your Slackpacking adventure highlights include:
• Malolotja Waterfall (the highest in Eswatini at 95m)
• The Majolomba Waterfall (40m)
• Wild cycads in the Malolotja Valley forests
• The Malolotja River
• The Upper Potholes are dramatic and imposing
• The Lower Potholes (the highlight of the whole trip, these potholes and waterfalls are incredibly beautiful and easy to access for swimming and relaxing)
• Komati River Views (amazing views into this remote and wild river valley and the impressive Mgwayiza Range beyond it)
• The Potholes View Point (where all 5 of the Potholes can be seen from above, high on the Mawanyana ridge)

All 3 trails include the Lower and Upper Potholes.  The core of the wildlife sightings are at higher altitude on the upper slopes of the mountains on Day 1 and Day 3.  In addition, those seeking an adrenaline rush can also add on a canopy tour experience, ziplining across 10 wires for incredible views of the area.

In terms of level of difficultly the trails are non-technical and designed for the average walker, but it is mountainous terrain so there are some fairly strenuous climbs. A medium/good level of fitness is required and the focus of the experience is very much hiking and outdoor adventure.  The distances for each day of hiking are:
• 1 night - 6.5 kms on day 1, 4.5 kms (uphill) on day 2
• 2 nights -  11 kms on day 1 (can be shorter if required), 5 kms on day 2, 8 kms on day 3
• 3 nights - 11 kms on day 1 (can be shorter if required), 5 kms on day 2, 8 kms on day 3, 3.5 kms on day 4

All trails begin and end at Malolotja Nature Reserve main reception in Eswatini.  Choose from our 1 to 3 night packages which include experienced guides and porters, meals, nylon tents, mattresses and 4x4 transfers where necessary.  Special dietary needs can be accommodated.  Malolotja is a great destination for slackpacking all year rounnd.