Africanyon Adventures - Abseiling operator near Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

The setting for the adventure provides all the natural features for a superb abseiling experience. Certain geological processes have formed giant slabs of rock that rise up like a dragon’ s back. With airy drops on either side, you will navigate your way across these scaly giants where the placement of catwalks over deep cracks will either reassure or intimidate you.  If you have the presence of mind at this point you can admire the magnificent 360-degree views.

Off course, the abseil guides will demonstrate the via ferrata system - have safety top of mind from beginning to end and will assist you throughout using humour, encouragement, a helping hand or whatever support you need to get you through. The highlight of the experience is a 50m abseil down into an ancient riverbed. Your guides watch your every move and can take over control of your descent should you feel nervous.

An abseil with AfriAbseil is not just a couple of hours of wonderful entertainment in nature, it’s a chance to conquer your fear while in the hands of skilled adventure guides who will help you discover your most adventurous spirit.