Learn to Microlight Pilot Licence Cape Town

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Aero Sport Microlight School situated in Cape Town offers a Microlight pilot licence.

The training for Microlight License consists of the following:
Theory & Exams (Pass mark of 75%)
Aircraft Technical and General
Microlight (Weight shift / Conventional)
Air Law
Restricted Radio Telephony
Human Performance
Principles of Flight
Flight Exercise & Briefings
Minimum of 25hrs flying hours
Flight test for Microlight License

The requirements for Microlight License:
Age minimum of 16 years
Medical fit (Class 4 aviation medical certificate)

Duration of Microlight License training:
The training can be completed in 3-4 weeks if you are a full time student, or can be completed over a longer period as a part time student. The training schedule is built around each student’s availability and budget.

Aircraft used for Microlight License training:
Training is done on our Solo Wings Aquila Trike which is a very good training aircraft with excellent control feedback for positive learning experience.

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