Vaal Prive Holiday Resort - Waterskiing on the Vaal Dam.

Vaal Prive’s water sports cruises offer a range of water sports combined with music and a braai! What could be more South African? Water skiing is just one of the many activities we provide on our outings. Our speed boat will be there to do the towing. The whole family can try out this classic water sport. Children often get the hang of this sport on first go, while those on the other side of 30 might need a few practice runs before they’re up and skimming along the water. When you’ve all built up a voracious appetite your food will be waiting. Then it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy the sun and serenity.

Vaal Prive is happy to adjust this unique offering to the expectation and preference of the group, so that whether it’s family time, a bachelors party or an office outing the experience will be just right.