The Alikreukel Trail is a four-day guided, fully catered slackpacking trail along the coastal area of Stilbaai, Jongensfontein and Blombos on the Garden Route.

Part of the trail is a kayak paddle up the scenic Goukou River.  Very comfortable accommodation is used – two nights in the small holiday town of Jongensfontein and two nights in Stilbaai. 

This new trail offer hiking enthusiasts the opportunity to see all the beauty and natural diversity of this sparsely developed stretch of coast.  The area is also renowned for the historic treasures left by the early inhabitants, particularly the Blombos Cave and the stone fish traps at Stilbaai.  Hikers will learn more about these fascinating legacies, as well as a host of natural features – from sea life to flora to geological formations.  Whales can also be seen close to the shore in season.

Alikreukel is the name of a large sea snail (giant periwinkle) with a big shell. This snail was an important part of the early inhabitants’ diet – as far back as 90 000 years!  Hikers will also visit the excellent Blombos Cave exhibition at the Stilbaai Museum, where many original artifacts from the cave can be seen.

The difficulty grading of the trail is average to easy, with only the first day being somewhat rough and challenging.  The underfoot terrain varies from footpaths to rocky to loose sand.  The total distance of the trail is 46 km.

Only two hikes per month are offered around spring tides.  This is for easier walking along the coast and to make the best use of what the sea offers – in tidal rock pools, the fish traps and the coastal ecology.  Hikes are offered from September tot June, excluding the December holiday season.