Tapimanzi Adventures - Tubing trips on the Vaal River, Gauteng.

Get out of the city and into nature’s playground with adventure specialists, Tapimanzi. In just an hour you can be out of the buzz and bustle of Johannesburg and floating down a river on a tube past picturesque highveld scenery. Tubing requires no skill and not much effort. The river’s flow does all the work, carrying you along its course. One minute you’ll be floating serenely, relaxing into the flow, and the next spinning and bouncing in the ruffled water of a rapid- a river roller coaster.

Tapimanzi’s tubing adventures are perfect for families, team-building events and friends celebrating a special occasion. We provide all specialised river equipment, qualified river- guides and if required, experienced facilitators. Additional activities, like setting up our river slide on the riverbank, can be added for an even more spectacular day.