Soweto Towers - BASE Jumping in Soweto.

Transformed and repurposed, the contemporary African art adorned Soweto Towers have become the urban adventure hub of Gauteng. In their previous life they were cooling towers for the Orlando Power station, literally towering over the township of Soweto, dull and grey. Now they burst with colour, fun and excitement offering a variety of swings, leaps and jumps all managed in a professional and friendly way using equipment that meets the highest technical requirements for playing at height.

By prearrangement BASE jumpers and skydivers with over 100 freefalls are welcome to come and experience Soweto Towers 100-meter jump from the recently built permanent platform on top of the tower. If you don’t have the required expertise to BASE jump, start getting the hang of things with a bungee jump. Or just watch others defy gravity- live vicariously, feel-the-fear- but-don’t-do-it-anyway type thing, and take part of the more mellow offerings of this super cool urban adventure zone.