Semonkong Lodge - Pony Trekking in Lesotho.

No visit to Semonkong would be complete without a pony trek added to your stay. Take in the spectacular scenery of Maletsunyane gorge and enjoy the crisp mountain air from the saddle of one of our trusty, sure-footed Basotho Ponies.

There is a route for all riding abilities as you explore the hills surrounding Semonkong lodge, whether you are a novice or a more experienced rider looking for an adventure. Our horses are good natured, safe and sturdy, and you won’t even notice the rocky terrain and rugged mountain paths while in the saddle, giving you the opportunity to really appreciate the beauty of the remote landscapes that surround you.

Our most popular day ride winds through the mountain villages of Semonkong, giving you a taste of life in the Mountain Kingdom. On arriving at the mighty Maletsunyane Falls, take a moment to appreciate the magnificence of Semonkong’s greatest natural wonder -one of Africa’s highest single dropping waterfalls will leave you in awe as it drops 186m into the gorge below. An unforgettable and impressive scene.

For those who would like a little more time in the saddle, this trek can be extended to include Mount Quang, the highest mountain in the area. We also arrange longer, overnight pony treks into the more remote mountain areas should you wish to discover more about Basotho life, either camping out or staying in a Basotho village.

Semonkong Lodge believes in empowering individuals within our local communities, and we work together with the community in the hiring of horses, guides and traditional huts for overnight treks. Please note it is always compulsory to wear a riding helmet. These are provided for you at the activity hut. No open shoes are allowed. We recommend boots with a slight heel and long pants.