Riemvasmaak Stargazing in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

Riemvasmaak is a stargazing destination for those who love remote and wild places; 75 000-hectares of desert mountain wilderness. A community project that is one of the gems of the Northern Cape, Riemvasmaak’s chalet and camping area is set in a 550-million-year-old rock canyon of plunging red cliffs and two volcanic spring-fed pools- one hot and one cold. An absolute oasis in the rugged, usually hot- landscape, the sounds of happy birds echo off the canyon walls.

The drive there alone is worth the visit; an exciting track that winds through a hauntingly beautiful mountainous area with rocky outcrops bursting with semi-precious stone like rose-quartz.

Moonless nights are inky black, and you’ll find yourself astonished by the dome of stars that cascade all the way to the horizon- the milky way as you’ve never seen it before. Move away from the light of your ‘braai’ fire and enjoy the show. Or even better, lie in the therapeutic water of the hot spring (evenings can get chilly here) while you scan the sky looking for your favourite constellations or brightest planets.