Situated on the eastern side of Stilbaai (Garden Route), Geelkrans Nature Reserve invites travelers to discover its mesmerizing coastal splendor. Established in 1977, this 440-hectare haven is a natural marvel, bordering the primary conservation zone of the Stilbaai Marine Protected Area along its coastal periphery. Enthusiasts of adventure can traverse the reserve through coastal hikes, marveling at dynamic sandstone cliffs and expansive intertidal zones. Scenic wooden decks offer ideal spots for picnics and soaking in the panoramic views. In winter, the reserve is adorned with blombos and boegoe flowers, while summer provides excellent opportunities for family snorkeling.

To find this coastal sanctuary, follow Preekstoel Road upon entering Stilbaai, and as you reach the road’s end, continue east, following the signs guiding you to the reserve. GPS coordinates: 34°21’55.0"S 21°27’43.0"E. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the marvels of Geelkrans Nature Reserve.

Responsible Tourism: To preserve the tranquility of Geelkrans Nature Reserve, we kindly ask visitors not to drive beyond the designated parking area. In the spirit of conserving our natural wonders, we encourage guests to be mindful of nesting birds and stick to the marked paths, ensuring the delicate vegetation remains undisturbed. Additionally, for an enchanting beach experience, please be aware that access is possible during low or receding tides. By embracing these responsible tourism practices, you play a vital role in safeguarding this coastal gem.

Trail 1: Geelkrans Circular
Maximum daily trail capacity: 50
Total distance: 7.7 km round trip
Difficulty level: Moderate
Estimated completion time: 3 hours
Notes: No water available on the route, but there are two wooden decks on the trail for resting or enjoying a delightful picnic.

Trail 2: Taaibos
Maximum daily trail capacity: 25
Total distance: 4.4 km round trip
Difficulty level: Moderate
Estimated completion time: 1.5 hours
Notes: The route ascends and traverses ancient dunes covered in natural vegetation, offering stunning views of Stilbaai and the broader coastal area.

Wild Card
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