Celestial Gift Experiences - Rally Driving

Do you have a need for speed? Do you love feeling adrenaline course through your body and the vibrations of a powerful rally car underneath you? Then strap on your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life!

Experience the bushveld like never before with one of our exciting rally experiences. It is the perfect gift for any speed freak or adrenaline junky, or even for yourself. Companies love to book our rally experiences as loyalty rewards or team building activities. Any reason is good to enjoy this high-energy experience.

All rally experiences start with a briefing. The facilitator will introduce you to rally driving and rally cars, ensuring that you know what to expect during your experience. Once strapped into your seat, you will enjoy a medium-paced drive around a specialist rally stage with a professional rally driver to become familiar with the car before your experience really starts…

Rally Driving Hot Seat Experience (Day Time)
You may think that driving around the stage is nothing… - and you’d be right! Just wait until the driver shows you real rally driving is about as you set off at high speed into the unpredictable bushveld.

Rally Driving Hot Seat Experience (Night Time)
There’s something about night time that makes everything a little more scary. Perhaps it’s the lack of street lights. If you feel brave, book your hot seat experience for night time for that extra thrill!

Rally Self-Drive Experience (Day Time)
Have you ever dreamed of being a rally driver? Now you can, with this fast-paced, thrilling experience. Your facilitator will provide Pace Notes that will have you driving like a pro in no time.

After the briefing, you will have the opportunity to drive a rally car around the bushveld. Still feeling brave? Then progress to the Special Stage where you will enjoy a high speed drive on an unfamiliar road. Your navigator will yell rapid-fire instructions, which will challenge you to keep your cool and prove that you’re a rally star.

Finally, you will get to enjoy a hot seat spin with a professional rally driver.

Rally Self-Drive Experience (Night Time)
Up the ante by enjoying the self-drive at night, when the bushveld is dark, apart from a few odd stars. Who knows what lurks around the dark corners?

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