Cape Town Tandem Paragliding - Paragliding operator in Cape Town from Lion’s Head and Signal Hill.

We give you the freedom of the sky- a span of time where you’ll be exuberantly present. Cape Town Tandem Paragliding is operated by a team that are passionately absorbed in the sport of paragliding and driven by the satisfaction of sharing this experience with others. We realize how privileged we are to ‘work’ in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not only sharing the experience of paragliding but also showcasing Cape Town in a unique way.

All Cape Town Tandem Paragliding instructors are full-time professionals with the relevant accreditation and years of flying experience. Our pilot’s considerable know-how means we are comfortable offering this activity to differently-abled folk, including paraplegics and quadriplegics.

Cape Town Paragliding launches from Signal Hill or Lions Head depending on wind direction. The views include incredible perspectives of Table Mountain and Lions Head, the city bowl, Robben Island and the Twelve Apostles. The flight lasts up to 30-minutes, depending on weather, and touches down on the lawn right next to the popular seaside walkway called Sea Point Promenade. Our shuttle takes guests back to the take-off point or, if preferable, we call a taxi to take you to your next destination.

You’ll get a great memento of your air-borne tour of Cape Town. Our pilots take In-flight videos and photos. These get loaded onto a memory card which you’ll get after the flight.

Our pilots love flying but we don’t take chances with safety. If the weather conditions are not ideal, we will try and reschedule. If it’s not possible, you’ll just have to come back to Cape Town!