BLOC11 Climbing and Fitness - Indoor climbing and bouldering gym in Cape Town.

A paired down form of rock climbing, bouldering is the sport of climbing a rock (a problem) by working out the best moves without rope and harness. A ‘problem’ can take days or even weeks to work through and conquer.

Bloc11 is a world class bouldering and fitness facility, owned and run by climbers, that celebrates this sport by providing hundreds of bouldering problems in a friendly, welcoming environment. Every detail has been carefully thought out and the design and layout of the space as well as ventilation and quality of the finishes from holds to soft, safe landings are excellent. Choosing the right bouldering problem to challenge next is made easy by our unique colour grading system.

Climbing walls are refreshed weekly, so even regular visitors will be constantly challenged. Other training facilities, like yoga classes, are also available and our bar with a climbing view, outstanding coffee and warm, inclusive team make this a fantastic place to hang out.