Adventure Zone Cullinan - Zip Line Trips.

Zipline like you’ve never experienced before, not only during day time, but also during Full moon every single month.

You’ve asked and wondered what makes us different and stand out from other ziplines, well our 4 slide tour can take you to speeds of up to 120km/h, our insanely beautiful cliffs of Muningi Gorge is 80m high. 

Be one of few people to do this exciting activity during night time, nothing more than you and mother nature relying on the moon for light to get from one slide to the next, the short hikes in between each slide ads so much to this already exciting activity, you get to see how beautiful the fauna and flora is in the area of De Tweedespruit, at night time you might meet some of our nocturnal buddies like porcupines, owls and jackal. 

If you are an adrenaline junky like we are, this is the activity for you, nowhere else will you be received with more enthusiasm like at Adventure Zone Cullinan, we are extremely proud of this activity and ensure you’ll have the time of our life.  Our qualified and experienced guides will take you through the safety briefing and ensure you are at easy and comfortable before taking you up to the first slide. 

This is the perfect way to celebrate Batchelor and bachelorette’s parties, engagement ideas and many more. 
You will be assisted by a friendly Adventure Zone staff member when you make your booking at our office in Cullinan, or you can visit our website for more info and booking.