Paraglide in South Africa

Learn to paraglide in South Africa with Wild Sky Paragliding.

Wild Sky Paragliding is based in Bulwer, on the R617, Kwazulu Natal.  We offer comprehensive paragliding training including theory lectures and practical instruction.

Phase 1:
Theoretical introductory video and lecture.  This covers the physical aspects of a paraglider, how it is built and how it flies.  Then we overview basic directional control and landing.

Phase 2:
Physical training on the training slopes, where students are assisted and guided on pulling up the wing, running down the slope, steering left and right, and how to land. 

Students will move slightly higher up the slope and eventually feet will lift off the ground, all the while steering and landing.  During this phase students will get airborne for short periods.  The student will only progress to the next phase if the instructor is satisfied with their ability to steer and land.  Learn how to collapse the wing in wind.

Phase 3:
The students will now fly off a slightly higher level, guided on radio for the duration of the flight. 

Phase 4:
Progression to yet a higher take off.  Practice of left and right turns and good landing. Again guided on radio for the duration of the flight.

Phase 5:
Unassisted launch.  Top to bottom flight off the Bulwer take off.  Guided on radio. 180 degree turns and good landing.

Phase 6:
Student is now ready for ridge soaring flights.  Theory on ‘Right of way’ rules.  Ground handling, learning the reverse launch method. 

Phase 7:
Students are now ready for top landings and 360 degree thermal soaring flights.

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